green dot mean on linkedin

What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn

LinkedIn features like the green dot can improve your networking. It helps you reach out to people at the right time, making your interactions more effective. Understanding these features also ensures you use LinkedIn efficiently, helping you connect and communicate better with others.

This article explains what the green dot on LinkedIn means. It helps you understand when your connections are online and available to chat. Knowing this can enhance your LinkedIn experience.

Types of Presence Indicators

These indicators help you know the best times to reach out to your connections, improving the chances of timely and effective communication.

  1. Green Dot: Shows the person is currently online and active on LinkedIn. This means they are likely available to respond quickly to messages and engage in real-time conversations. It’s an ideal time to initiate contact or network.
  2. Green Dot with a White Circle: Indicates the person is online but not actively using LinkedIn. They might be using the mobile app in the background or have the app open without actively browsing. They may take longer to respond than someone with a solid green dot. This suggests they are somewhat available but might not engage immediately.
  3. No Dot: Means the person is offline or has hidden their online status. They are not currently active on LinkedIn, so responses may be delayed. This can also indicate privacy settings where the user chooses not to display their activity status. It’s best to expect a slower response in this case.

The Green Dot on LinkedIn

The green dot on LinkedIn is a simple yet powerful feature. It shows that a user is currently online and active on the platform. When you see a solid green dot next to someone’s profile picture, it means they are available to engage in real-time conversations.

This indicator is particularly useful for timely networking. If you need a quick response or want to chat immediately, the green dot helps you identify the right moment to reach out. It signals that the person is actively browsing LinkedIn and is more likely to respond promptly to messages or connection requests.

Understanding the green dot helps you make the most of your LinkedIn interactions, ensuring that your efforts to connect or communicate are effective and well-timed.

Different Green Dot Variations

LinkedIn uses different green dot variations to indicate a user’s online status. These variations provide more nuanced information about their activity level.

Solid Green Dot

This shows the person is currently online and active on LinkedIn. They are using the platform right now and are likely to respond quickly to messages or engage in real-time conversations.

Green Dot with a White Circle

This indicates the person is online but not actively using LinkedIn. They might have the LinkedIn mobile app running in the background or have the platform open without actively browsing. Their response time may be slower than someone with a solid green dot, but they are still somewhat available.

Privacy and Visibility Settings

LinkedIn offers several privacy and visibility settings to control your online status.

  • Controlling Your Online Status: You can choose who sees your green dot. LinkedIn provides options to show your status to all LinkedIn members, just your connections, or no one at all. This control helps you manage your availability and privacy.
  • How to Hide Your Green Dot: If you prefer to keep your online status private, you can hide the green dot. Go to the privacy settings in your LinkedIn account, navigate to the “Visibility” section, and turn off the “Active Status” feature. This ensures that others cannot see when you are online, giving you more control over your privacy.

Benefits of the Green Dot

The green dot feature on LinkedIn offers several advantages that enhance networking and communication.

  • Real-Time Availability: The solid green dot indicates that a user is actively online and browsing LinkedIn at that moment. This real-time availability allows for immediate engagement in conversations, making it convenient to connect with others without delays.
  • Enhanced Networking: By knowing when connections are online, you can strategically time your messages and interactions. This proactive approach increases the chances of receiving prompt responses and fosters more meaningful networking opportunities.
  • Improved Communication: The presence of the green dot encourages quicker exchanges and reduces the lag time in communication. This responsiveness enhances the efficiency of discussions, whether you’re discussing opportunities, sharing insights, or seeking advice.
  • Visibility and Engagement: Being visibly active with a green dot next to your profile can attract more attention from your network. It signals your availability and willingness to engage, potentially leading to increased profile views, connection requests, and overall engagement on LinkedIn.

Potential Drawbacks

While the green dot feature on LinkedIn has many benefits, it also comes with potential drawbacks.

  • Privacy Concerns: The green dot reveals your online status to others, which can feel intrusive. If you prefer to browse LinkedIn privately or don’t want others to know when you’re online, this feature can compromise your privacy.
  • Misinterpretation of Availability: Just because someone has a green dot doesn’t mean they are available for immediate conversation. They might be busy with other tasks or only briefly checking their LinkedIn. This can lead to frustration if messages aren’t responded to as quickly as expected.
  • Pressure to Respond: Seeing the green dot might create an unspoken pressure to respond immediately. This can be stressful, especially if you’re online but not in a position to engage in lengthy conversations or respond to numerous messages.
  • Distraction: Knowing when connections are online can lead to distractions. You might feel compelled to message someone just because they are available, which can disrupt your workflow or focus.

How to Use the Green Dot Effectively

By using the green dot effectively, you can improve the quality of your LinkedIn interactions, making your networking efforts more efficient and productive.

  1. Timing Your Messages: Use the green dot to send messages when your connections are online. This increases the chances of receiving a quick response and having a real-time conversation. Reach out during business hours or times when people are likely to be active on LinkedIn.
  2. Strategic Networking: Engage with connections when they are online to maximize interaction. Comment on posts, endorse skills, or send personalized messages when you see the green dot. This can help build stronger relationships and improve your networking efforts.
  3. Balancing Availability: Manage your own green dot visibility to balance accessibility and privacy. If you need focused time without interruptions, consider hiding your online status. This helps control when you are available for interactions.
  4. Respecting Boundaries: Be mindful that a green dot doesn’t always mean someone is ready for an in-depth conversation. Start with a brief message and gauge their response before concluding a detailed discussion. Respect their time and availability.
  5. Using Notifications: Leverage LinkedIn’s notification settings to stay informed when key connections come online. This can help you engage with important contacts at the right moments, enhancing your professional relationships.


Q. Can I see the green dot on profiles I am not connected with?

No, the green dot is only visible on profiles of your direct connections or people who have set their status to be visible to all LinkedIn members. If you are not connected or if the person has restricted their status visibility, you won’t see the green dot.

Q. Does the green dot show if someone is active on LinkedIn Learning?

No, the green dot only indicates activity on the main LinkedIn platform. If someone is using LinkedIn Learning, the green dot will not appear, even though they are active on another LinkedIn service.

Q. Can the green dot be seen on the LinkedIn mobile app?

Yes, the green dot is visible on both the desktop version and the mobile app of LinkedIn. It shows up in the same way, indicating if a user is currently active on the platform regardless of the device they are using.

Q. If I log out, will the green dot disappear immediately?

The green dot should disappear shortly after you log out or become inactive. However, there might be a slight delay before it updates, so it might not vanish instantly the moment you log out.

Q. Can recruiters see my green dot status?

Recruiters can see your green dot status if they are in your connections or if you have set your status to be visible to all LinkedIn members. If you want to keep your activity private from recruiters or any specific groups, you can adjust your privacy settings accordingly.


The green dot on LinkedIn is a useful feature that shows when your connections are online and active. It helps you identify the best times to reach out for quick responses and real-time conversations. Understanding this indicator can make your networking efforts more effective and efficient.

However, it’s important to be mindful of privacy concerns and respect others’ availability. You can also manage your visibility to balance being accessible and maintaining your privacy. Using the green dot wisely can enhance your LinkedIn experience, foster better communication, and build stronger professional relationships.