“We know what it's like to run a business.”

Michael DeMos, CEO

Serve the customer:  Stay in the trenches with them, be accountable, be dependable, and get it done.

Define success: We define the metrics for success with you at the beginning and then report against those metrics regularly.

Focus: We don’t try to be everything to everyone which means your account is only worked by professionals who can execute.

Michael DeMos

CEO & President

Chris Benson

VP Client Services

Jeff Davis

Director Public Relations

Karen Evander

Senior Account Director

Dorothy Fuchs

Senior PR Strategist

Joseph Casalino

Senior Data Scientist

Karen Benckini

Director Media Buying

Carmel Gambacorta

Senior Account Director

Nichole Roksiewicz

Graphic Designer

Leah Zeigler

Director HR

Joe Petrucci

Senior Marketing Strategist

Michael Verdi

Marketing Technology Director

“Everyone on the team wants to go the extra mile to help our school succeed.”

Casey Joyce, The Maryland School for the Blind

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