Long time client Gamberdella Bridal Salon

Gamberdella Bridal Salon Featured on WBALTV for Virtual Dress Shopping

Long time client Gamberdella Bridal Salon, located in Towson Maryland, discusses with host Jennifer Franciotti of WBALTV how the salon is using technology to help brides find their dream dresses.


Last year, owner Mary Gamberdella made some major technology upgrades in the store, not knowing it would be their best investment because of the pandemic. A life-sized monitor allows her to connect with clients, such as Sara Barnett, anywhere and anytime.

“If you have a grandmother that’s out-of-state or (who is) not well, or your mother or your best friend is really anywhere actually in the world, we can bring them right into the room,” Gamberdella said.

“We’ve had friends call from out of the country and want to join us. That’s really fun,” said sales associate Clare Ryan.

Barnett isn’t getting married until next June, but she wanted to get a jump on choosing a dress. For her, it’s the next best thing to being at the store.

“With COVID shutting everything down, I was kind of, like, I’m ready to go, but I can’t go yet. So, this is a huge stress reliever for me,” Barnett said.

“In a weird way, this made us all even closer to get started. Even if it’s virtual, we have the whole bridal party together,” said bridesmaid Olivia Sindall.

“It’s really fun to see all the opportunities she has even though we’re not all there to see her try on these dresses,” said bridesmaid Markell Kunzelman.

“It’s just awesome to see it fitted and imagine her in it. If I could just put her head on the manneken, we’d be all set,” said mother of the bride Angie Barnett.

“These brides, I feel for them. But you know, we give them fun and we bring them joy and isn’t that just a wonderful thing?” Gamberdella said.

Read / watch the full segment here: https://www.wbaltv.com/article/gamberdella-bride-virtual-wedding-dress-shopping/32475398