Hustle is a grassroots mass marketing tool

Have You Heard About Hustle?

Hustle is a grassroots mass marketing tool that uses text messages to reach large audiences.

It seems that in today’s world, people are more likely to respond to a text message than they are to a phone call. This is the basis of the app Hustle. Hustle is a grassroots mass marketing tool that uses text messages to reach large audiences. The idea is to create personalized conversations that motivate people to participate in mass quantities. This has been an extremely valuable tool in elections, having reached 3.95 million voters on Election Day. Hustle is also used for sales and marketing, event attendance, fundraising, admissions and recruiting, and advocacy.

How does it work? The concept is very simple; an organization uploads the names and phone numbers of people they want to contact. This information is then distributed to different agents who can customize and send out a text message to the provided contact list. These text messages are created to personally engage people instead of using email blasts that are often glanced over. Organizations use this app to text contacts they already have a relationship with or who have previously provided contact information. Messages can center on scheduling a call, following up on an email, reminding people about an event or to vote, and more. Images and links may be added to boost the effects of the message.

For their convenience, users can manage their messages on their laptop and maintain thousands of individual conversations at a time. Hustle allows organizations to stay in touch beyond the event that was originally promoted by sending out tips and resources. In addition, users can create customizable scripts and utilize segmentation and targeting, which allows them to tailor messages to individual situations. The app includes reporting features which tally how many people do what has been asked through the text and which messages and tactics have been yielding the most return.