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New Website to Generate More Leads for Strickland Outdoor Services

Strickland Outdoor Services tasked Clapp 360 Communications with designing, building, and optimizing a new website to drive business growth.

Strickland Outdoor Services

Strickland Outdoor Services provides landscaping and tree services for residential and commercial properties. The business tasked Clapp 360 Communications with designing, building, and optimizing a new website to drive business growth. Strickland’s old website was not Search Engine Optimized (SEO) nor easily managed, hurting their ability to attract new customers. Their goal for the new website was to generate new leads and appear higher in search and rankings.

To achieve this, Clapp 360 Communications built a fully responsive and SEO optimized website that is easily managed by Strickland’s owners and tracks new leads. Clapp 360 also created customized email addresses to match Strickland’s business domain and developed a fully professionalized presence.


There was no easy way to manage content on Strickland’s old site: Content was formatted mostly as images and not html text, requiring edits to be made by creating new images and uploading them. It was a very time-consuming process that necessitated a web designer.

  • The old site did not feature a dynamic content section such as a blog, which helps improve SEO. Therefore, Strickland was not able to regularly create new content that targeted keyword searches that customers would use to find their site.
  • The old site was also not SEO optimized. Because most of the content on Strickland’s old site was arranged in images, Google’s web crawler could not make sense of what services the company offered, hurting their appearance in searches. This is a real problem for a lead-driven business when people are searching for solutions to their landscaping problems.  
  • Strickland’s old site was not responsive, further hurting their SEO and user friendliness for customers when trying to book a service from their phone. Mobile traffic accounts for around 65 percent of all website traffic for landscapers.
  • As a result of these factors, Strickland was not getting any new leads from their website.  


  • Build a new website for Strickland in Webflow, a modern alternative to WordPress that allows the client to easily manage webpage content with a point-and-click editor.
  • Display reviews from happy customers to social proof Strickland’s brand and cut through marketing clutter.
  • Develop a dynamic blog section that allows for SEO friendly content updates.
  • Create a responsive design for the new site so it looks good on every device.  
  • Present Strickland’s services in terms of solutions to common landscaping problems to help the website appear higher in searches when customers ask questions.
  • Optimize SEO in website meta tags and auto-generated sitemap.
  • Integrate tracking: Clapp 360 added Google Analytics and Facebook pixels through Google Tag manager to Strickland’s website to optimize content for better lead targeting/tracking.
  • Create a new domain to reflect Strickland’s new logo and expanded services. The domain changed from to
  • Professionalize Strickland’s online presence by customizing a new email domain to match their business domain.  


  • An increase in new leads that are easily tracked via their website.
  • Full visibility into communications with prospects and current clients via a shared inbox ( that allows business owners to collaborate and respond.

“Clapp 360 Communications worked with us from the start, listening to our needs and explaining how they could help. They took the lead and built our new site in 30 days, setting up a new domain, custom email addresses and re-directing traffic from our old site to our new one. Our site looks great on every device and is actually generating many new leads for us! We highly recommend!”  

– Katie Lynn, Owner and Operator