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What We’re Looking Forward to This Thanksgiving

We asked the Clapp 360 Communications team what they’re most looking forward to this Thanksgiving.

Michael: Seeing my whole family laughing in one room.

Barb: Spending time laughing, eating, and drinking with friends and family and all the traditions we have created.

Timmy: Spending time with my left coast daughter and son-in-law!

Karen B: I’m looking forward to attending the 100th Anniversary Turkey Bowl game between Loyola and Calvert Hall (Roll Dons Roll!) and feasting with my family afterwards!

Karen E: Our family has been invited to a really big family and friends Thanksgiving this year, which I’m super excited about, plus I only need to bring two apple pies! Whoop whoop!

Sarah: I could get all sappy with my answer and say I’m looking forward to spending time with family, but in all honesty, it’s all about the food. More specifically deep-fried turkey!

Carmel: I am looking forward to the special time with my family and friends, as well as making my first turkey and of course, the PIES at my family’s annual feast!

Karen R: This Thanksgiving I’m looking forward to celebrating with my baby niece, Clara, who will be just seven months old. She’s growing so much every day, and she’s so ready to talk and crawl. I can’t wait to teach her about turkey, gravy and all the trimmings on her first Thanksgiving—though she’s probably only getting mashed sweet potatoes and turkey-flavored baby food!

Leah: Having my son put a Christmas tree up at our “Angel’s” resting (special) place so his family and I can decorate it!  

Joe: We have 28 family members at our house so it’s always a special day.  I love the sound of my family laughing together, telling old and new stories, and simply enjoying the opportunity to all be together.  It’s definitely my favorite holiday.

Brittany: Family time, Friendsgiving, and the perfect mix of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole.

Erika: I am excited to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love to wake up early so I can watch the Broadway performances!